Bluetooth Space Capsule

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Hear music while running, training, working, walking or in the metro. Today you can get free of bulky cables and get the independence and freedom you want and deserve.

These earphones are wireless, beautiful and come with a charging box with a unique design.


 Recommended reason: 1, the headset will be automatically turned on when it is taken out of the charging compartment, automatically connect to the Bluetooth, put back into the charging compartment, automatically shut down the well, disconnect the white start, match

2, clear call, a new upgrade of the Bluetooth chip can clearly call, shield the surrounding noise and efficient communication to achieve efficient communication

3, wireless swim, new 5.0 technology, with more powerful high-speed communication efficiency, eat chicken is to achieve ultra-low delay sound synchronization for you, and resolve to distinguish each sound.

4, pull-out headphones, the appearance of cool metal sand, each pull open to bring you a unique music experience

5, comfortable to wear, wear it all day, no pain, slant-in-ear wear, light and no pressure, long-term wear comfort, no damage to hearing

6, intelligent compatibility, high capacity, whether it is 10S or Android can be connected, support mobile phones, computer tablets, notebooks, etc.