Triple Charging Station

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This charging station is designed to make you charge three different accessories at once. It makes the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues.

thanks to the beautiful appearance and it's usefulness. You can charge Apods, smartwatch and phone at the same time

. Specifications: Material:

Plastic + Silica Gel Intelligent Triple Wireless Charging Mobile Phone/Watch/ Headphones are charged at the same time to support two mobile phones charging at the same time

The simpler the atmosphere is, the more mellow the feel is.

Intelligent adaptive current safe charging according to different power of different devices.

Intelligent Matched Current Safety Maintenance Battery Independent coils do not affect each other. T

he equipment's with built-in three independent lines are charged at the same time without affecting each other.

In the process of charging at low temperature without scalding, it is safe and reliable to touch directly with hands. Charging mode: USB