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Dog car seat cover |100% Waterproof  | Heavy Duty Scratch  Proof | Nonslip | fit every car’s or SUV’s backseats | Backseat Hammock With Mesh visual window

Keeping a dog has its emotional perks but the formalities of prerequisite logistics often come across as intimidating. Especially when it comes to traveling with your dog, the options have always seemed limited, until we introduced the Best Dog Back Seat Cover. This marvelous waterproof and scratchproof non-slip hammock for dogs is a one-time savior choice for people who want complete protection of their car from dirt, dog fur, and all types of damages a dog can possibly cause to your car backseat.

The goal of the Trendii Car Seat Cover is to: 

Take care of your dog - Make your dog feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your car or SUV.

Protect your car’s interior - Keep your car or SUV clean and free of scratches. 

Safe drive - We want you to have peace of mind that your dog is calm and relaxed so it won’t distract you by barking or moving around while you concentrate on your driving.

Key features and advantages of our dog car seat cover: 

  • Quality. Made from robust and durable waterproof and dirt resistant material.
  • Tried and tested. Designed and tested to withstand any damage from your pet. 
  • Protect your dog. Designed to protect your dog and make it feel soothed, relaxed and unafraid during the drive.
  • Safeguard your upholstery. Will protect your car or SUV’s upholstery and keep it free of: scratches, pet hair, dust, mud, stains, water, urine, bad odors.
  •  Mesh window. Allows your dog to see you and for you to see your dog.
  • Sit in comfort. The special design of the dog car seat cover also ensures that your dog will get the benefits of your air conditioner or heater on a hot or cold day.
  • Zippered side flaps. The dog car seat cover has side flaps that can be unzipped to protect the entire rear backseat, doors, and carpets.
  • Accommodates passengers.  If you have a passenger, they can sit comfortably on the backseat when you unzip the middle zipper and convert the dog car seat cover into a semi-hammock.
  • Waterproof & Washable. Fully machine washable or it can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.
  • Side pockets. Comes with two side pockets to store items like dog leads or snacks.
  • Easy to Install. The dog car seat cover comes with a non-slip backing, two-seat anchors, and adjustable straps that are secured around the headrests.
  • Two adjustable straps to secure it to the door hand holder. 



    • Anti-scratch material - Made by 600D oxford with TPU coating.
    • STRONG sewing uses hot pressing tech, not needle stitching.
    • ensuring 100% waterproof.

    No worry about urine stains, mud, hair, etc. Moreover, the headrest cover and side flaps can protect your car from scratching. After an outdoor activity or any time your dog gets into the back seat, you don't have to worry about cleanup. Just wash the pet seat cover in your washing machine, so easy! 

    Our car seat covers use unique anti-slip particles tech. It's safe and more convenient for your pet. Moreover, the anti-slip particles won't melt like plastic skid net in hot weather.



    Different from other dog seat covers for the back seat, Our car seat covers use unique plastic spraying anti-slip particles rather than the normal plastic skid net. It's safe even if ingested by your pet. Moreover, the anti-slip particles won't melt like plastic skid net in hot weather.