Magic cleaning glue

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Important notes

1- The glue cannot be washed off and cannot be used once.It can be used multiple times and you can replace the new glue when the color deepens.

2- The glue is gelatinous and easy to stick to your hands. First, make sure to roll the glue into a ball before using.

3- To prevent the glue from drying out, be sure to put the glue back in the package after use.

Commodity description

100% new quality

Quantity: 1

Weight: 260 grams

It is a useful, practical and efficient cleaning tool.

You can use it to clean keyboards, interior cars, laptops, etc.

The characteristics of

This cleaning adhesive is soft and easy to use.

Dust computer keyboards, cell phones and printers.

Leave no residue, keep hands clean, has been proven to have a disinfection effect.

Capture dirt and kill up to 80 percent of bacteria.

Press the detergent onto the surface to be cleaned.

The dust in the mixture will be absorbed by the mixture.

Environmentally friendly, 95% biodegradable.

It can be used many times until the cleaning product becomes darker in color.

Public computers must be used in a clean and safe manner and are ideal for all equipment and surfaces.

Package including

1* Car cleaning glue