Led Projector

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This led projector is perfect to turn small screens into wall projections of video, cartoon and much more.

It includes speakers for the sound with good sound quality.

Perfect to use for children.


LED Home Entertainment Projector Q2 Portable Projector for Early Childhood Education Support HDMI input, AV input, plug-in TF card

  HD video movies English manual,

menu is also English, easy to understand, easy to operate

Various power supply options (European, American, British and Australian regulations)

Whether watching movies or playing games,

there is no need for external speakers to design independent speaker chambers. Improve the sound quality.

Precision coated optical lens eliminates virtual focus. Every scroll is a clear feedback. Control the details you want. High-quality large-screen TV decoder chip ensures that there are no cartoons in game and movie pictures. Efficient cooling air circuit design ensures 24-hour uninterrupted and stable operation, and equipped with upgraded cooling fans