LED Light Teeth Whitening For Personal Teeth Treatment Whitening Gels

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 Teeth whitening lamp is fast, simple, practical and safe. You only need to use it continuously 3 to 5 times for 20 minutes each time. It can still work during use, but it is limited in speaking. The main principle of whitening is oxidation reaction. When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the tooth surface, it will form free roots with great oxidizing power. Because hydrogen peroxide is similar to water, it is easily absorbed by tooth enamel and oxidizes dentin. Then oxidize the teeth. Pigment in teeth.

Item details

Teeth whitening home light

Can be used for logo printing

1. Fixed voltage: DC6V (CR2025 3V * 2)

2. Light intensity: 400~600 mcd

3. LED color: blue

4. Wavelength: 465~470nm

5. Continuous use: 48 hours


1. High quality and reasonable price,

2. Can be used for logo printing.

3. Provide blue