Kinesiology Tape Roll

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The Kinesiology tape improves the muscle's ability to contract even when it's weakened, reduces a feeling of pain and fatigue, and protects the muscle from cramping, over-extension and over-contraction.

Removing congestion to the flow of body fluids the Kinesiology tape improves blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces inflammation and excess chemical buildup in the tissue.

Activating the endogenous analgesic system this means it can relieve pain in a conscious person. So, this means that the taping must facilitate the body's own healing mechanisms, a central focus in chiropractic medicine.

Correcting joint problems. The goal is improving range of motion and adjusting misalignments that result from tightened muscles.


  • Material:cotton
  • Certificate: CE, ISO2009
  • Size: 5cm*5m