2M LED Wire

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Make your home shine bright with this LED wire; it is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor which glows a 360 degree unbroken light when an alternating current is applied to it.
It is bendable as a thin neon tube which makes it ideal for flexible decoration.

Cold light source, fine and uniform, bright colors, rich colors.

The whire is flexible and water resistant, this means it can be easily bent, curved, cut, knotted making it suitable both for indoor and outdoor lighting.
This rope lamp is energy saving and environmental-friendly assuring you a long life time, more than 12,000 hours.


  • Wire diameter: approx 2.3mm
  • Wire length: 2M
  • Life time: >12,000 hours
  • Working temperature: - 10°C to 60°C
  • 10 Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White